Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we better than the other guys? Well, there are several reasons but the main reason is simple. The other guys are just interested in call times so they make money. Our interest is first and foremost, the "customer experience". We are interested in customer retention and repeat sales. Our success depends on your business' success and our goals and objectives are simply that, future growth. Another aspect that sets us apart from the rest is trust. Synergon has become a successful support extension for several leading companies in nearly every industry involving technology. Our clients have come to know us personally and trust us professionally. We have played an integral support role in numerous high profile companies that have continued to trust us with one of the most important assets of their business - customer contact relationships. Quality and total customer satisfaction are among our highest priorities. 

What levels of support can you provide? The answer is many. Synergon currently supports standard PC’s up to high end SAN and WAN file servers and storage devices. We support various routers, web servers, load balancers, and ISP services. The ability to support this varied array of products and services requires multiple knowledge levels and training. Our staff is highly trained and capable of supporting the many levels of technical support and most importantly, customer service issues from basic PC’s to the most complex network issues.

What does it cost? Cost depends on how much support is required to support your products or services. Our unique billing structure is designed so you pay only for the support time your product or service requires. What this means is if you require only ½ FTE (Full Time Equivalent) you only pay for ½ FTE, while still being able to provide quality support 24 hours a day 7 days a week by a staff of trained support technicians.

What Products or Services can you support? Synergon currently supports a variety of products ranging from basic PC’s to high end File Servers to Routers, Load Balancers, and ISP equipment. Other services we provide include on-site service nationwide and installation services.

What Products or Services don’t you support? We have never really gotten involved with home appliances, but anything that is PC or Server based is our specialty.

When our customers call who will they see? They see you. Our support activity is transparent to the end user. All of your calls will be answered by your own custom greeting. All of the data in our tracking system will be segmented into your own partition. Synergon will appear to the customer as your company.

How long have you been providing this type of service? Synergon has been a leading global provider of technical support services since 1994. The founders of Synergon have over 100 years combined experience in providing technical support and help desk services in the industry.

What is your key to success? The key to our success lies in our ability to keep skilled, diversified and dedicated employees. By creating an open and supportive environment, we’ve been able to keep our turnover rate extremely low. This has helped us maintain our “strict quality commitment” and “stand head and shoulders above our competition”.